Root and branch is an English idiom about wholeness. To do a task "root and branch" means to be thorough and holistic. We adopted this name to represent our purpose: to create beautiful products that deepen relationships, grow imaginations, and cultivate beauty in the everyday.


Our products are a celebration of the beauty of nature, born out of our own love for flowers, leaves and trees (some of the best things!). Whether through a heartfelt note in the mailbox, your favorite journal for jotting down creative ideas, or a beautifully wrapped birthday present, there are a million ways to capture and celebrate the beauty in your life. We hope to help you do just that, root and branch.

Each of our products begins as a simple drawing, from good old-fashioned pen and paper. We then edit and color each piece digitally, and use various printing methods to bring our products to life. As a small artisan business, we pour our heart and soul into each product we create, and our hope is that this process of dreaming and creating continues with you!


As we draw our inspiration from nature, we are deeply committed to sustainability and cultivating a sense of responsibility for our beautiful earth. Our entire product line is manufactured in the US, using sustainable materials and practices whenever possible. We use recycled papers in our products and minimal plastics in our packaging. We do our research and partner with manufacturers who share our values and commitments to sustainability, providing you with beautiful products that are high-quality and consciously made. Thank you for doing the same in supporting our work. 


- Jessie Tyree Jenness, founder

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