Introducing Root & Branch Paper Co!


Well here we are! After nearly a full year of creating products, doing research and jumping through lots of hoops, Root & Branch Paper Co. is alive and kicking! 

In my (very) early days I knew I wanted to be one of three things: an artist, a writer, or a ballerina. Unless we consider that time in high school theater when I starred as Essie, the delusional, clumsy, wannabe ballerina in You Can’t Take it With You (and we should NOT consider that time) I think it’s pretty obvious which career path I ended up choosing. 


Someone asked me recently how long I’ve been an artist, and I wasn’t sure how to answer, because truth be told I think the work I made during THIS point in my life was some of the best. Kids make the most pure, lovely, expressive and unadulterated work of their lives. I’m always trying to find my way back into the mind of that little artist there: unquestioning and creating for no other reason than just good ol’ fun.

My hope is that my creative work, the words on my blog and the products in my shop will allow each one of you (and me) to step into that place of creativity and good ol’ fun. Everything I create comes from a place of appreciation for the beauty and celebrations that happen in nature. To me, flowers just look like a party. I hope to capture a bit of that party and bring it into our everyday… at school, in the office, behind a computer or wherever we are.

Thank you for being here, for taking part in this dream that is Root & Branch. As things get going I hope that this blog will be a little corner of the internet dedicated to good things: flowers, creativity, inspiration, and community. Stick around!

Much love