Thoughts on Spring: What This Season Means for Us


Spring is here!

I couldn't be more excited for the arrival of Spring this year. Here in China the cherry blossoms, plum blossoms, and Chinese magnolias are coming out in full force, and the wind is full of their perfumes. Every time I step out of my apartment I get a lovely whiff of flowers. It really is the best time of year.

I'm so thankful for the new beginnings that Spring offers, but especially this year, as I've just launched into the crazy adventure that is running Root & Branch, I am so grateful for this ever-present visual of new life and new beginnings.

Starting Root & Branch has felt, for me, like a Springtime in my own life. For the past few years I have struggled with the frustration of having a million creative ideas and dreams and not having the opportunity or freedom to pursue them. I've felt trapped by my past decisions and not really sure how to move forward.


 Over this past year and especially in the past six months, I've finally been able to break out of that and actually acknowledge my real passions. I've been able to identify and accept my deepest desires: to be an artist full-time, to run my own business and generate income, to create collections of work and to continue to develop my aesthetic as a designer. 

The joy and celebration of the trees coming to life has been such a reflection of how I feel in launching this business. Of course, not everything is easy, there are days when I am in an absolute panic about the finances, or I feel afraid that it won't work and I'll have to give up. But that's a part of the process.


I'm thankful for the change in seasons.

After nearly a year of secretly crafting this business behind the scenes, making lists and drawings and scratching down ideas in notebooks, it's finally come to life. I'm thankful for the new life that this season has brought for me. 

I'm thankful for the gift that it is to grow as an artist, work as hard as I ever have, push myself to be brave in sharing my work with the world, and dare to believe that what I'm dreaming of is a possibility.

I hope that each one of you who is holding a dream can be encouraged by this season of new life, and have hope for your own futures.

With love




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