Songs to Help You Work: Our Mid-Afternoon Playlist

Mid-Afternoon Playlist: A collection of Songs to Help You Power Through the Workday // Root & Branch Paper Co. Blog

Since before I can remember, music has been one of the most important inspirations to my work as a visual artist. In many ways music is what allowed me to see myself as an artist. And anyone who grew up weird and creative in football-loving East Tennessee will tell you, that's a powerful thing.

I'm not a musician myself, but like many of us, the music I grew up listening to had an impact on me. I remember listening to Simon & Garfunkel (my all-time fav) as an awkward middle schooler, on my little purple portable CD player. Their records made me want to make things. 

To this day, music makes me want to create. I listen to playlists constantly when I'm working and I thought it might be nice to share!

This particular playlist is one I made for myself for mid-afternoon work sessions, paired with a coffee or bubble tea, checking stuff off the to-do list. The songs are mostly in English but you'll find a few Norwegian indie pop songs from my favorite Norwegian artist Silja Sol thrown in there.

From Beck to Solange, there's a bit of variety to keep it interesting (I hope!) There are James Brown and Steve Winwood throwbacks, naturally. And of course, I've included a couple shout-outs to artists I went to college with, at Belmont in music city. Enjoy!

xx Jessie


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