8 New Cards for Summer!

Our  Sunny Delphinium  thank you card

Our Sunny Delphinium thank you card

Today I'm sharing a little mini batch of new products that we've just released:

Summer Greeting Cards

Summer is a time when all I want to be doing is drinking La Croix by the pool, catching up on my reading list, and chilling in a hammock. I don't do a lot of shopping in the summer, and truthfully I don't do a lot of letter-writing either. I'm guessing that most of us are the same in that regard!

Even though I assume a more-lethargic-than-usual state in the summer, I still do like to be prepared for whatever the season brings: maybe a wedding or birthday party, an unexpected gift, or a visit from a friend.

I created this mini collection of cards with those moments in mind!

Our It's Your Birthday! card in Chinese Bellflower

Our It's Your Birthday! card in Chinese Bellflower

I also had a hard look at our growing greeting card collection with the hopes of identifying holes to fill. My aim as we grow is to create a collection of cards and products that fit in with the various seasons of life.

I also want to create cards that can be used for a variety of settings. We artists aren't known for being practically minded, but that's something I really identify with myself. All my designs are made with the idea that each card can be applied to a range of appropriate uses, but also can be "just the right fit" for a certain birthday or graduate.

Our newest happy birthday card features white cosmos with yellow-green leafy elements. I love this one because I created it to capture the sense of a lazy afternoon in summer: vibrant, colorful, a bit droopy but joyful and energetic nonetheless. I also think it could easily be applied to any season!

Another card I created specifically for summer was our I'm so Proud of You card, featuring Chinese Bellflowers. This one is made specifically for graduates, or anyone who gets a new job, internship, or acceptance letter in the summer. There are so many exciting achievements to celebrate and often summer is when things end or begin, so this one seems important!

Our  Happily Ever After  card in Babiana

Our Happily Ever After card in Babiana

Of course, we all know summer is generally considered wedding season. I created this little series of wedding-related cards to beef up our selection for guests to choose from. For these two wedding cards, I chose honeysuckle and babiana flowers.

Having grown up in the South, the richly sweet and fragrant honeysuckle especially represents summer to me. Our On Your Wedding Day card was created with a hot summer Southern evening wedding in mind.

The Happily Ever After card was intended to be a bit more multi-purpose, as it would also be appropriate at a wedding or bridal shower, as would our To the Happy Couple and To the Beautiful Bride cards. All four of our wedding cards are intended to be personal and thoughtful, yet generic enough that they feel appropriate for a variety of weddings, no matter the couple or the season.

Of course, no mini card collection is complete without a few thank you cards. I personally feel like thank you cards are some of the most important pieces in our product collection, as there is really nothing that replaces a handwritten thank you card. I hope they never go out of style.

The three thankfulness cards in this collection feature sunny delphiniums, morning glories, and cyclamen: three flowers that I love! Our Coral Charm Peony thank you card is by far our most popular style, so our Sunny Delphinium Thank You and Morning Glory Thank You are intended to be partners to that style.

Our Thank You for Being You card captures a sentiment I wanted to reflect in this collection: a simple thankfulness, not for any particular action or gift, but for the simple gift of being. I'm pretty sure we all could find a use for this card!

Well, there we have it! Eight new cards for the summer season. Hope you love them!



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