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Behind the Scenes: Designing a Greeting Card Line

Today on the blog I'm excited to give you a special in-depth look behind the scenes at my process of creating a greeting card line: Root & Branch Paper Co's very first collection! Like every small business owner, I've invested time and money, as well as physical, emotional, and creative energy into bringing these products to life. It means so much to me when I see one of you enjoying your cards and notebooks, or when I hear that my products strike a chord with someone else!

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How to be a Pen Pal: Letter Writing Tips + Inspiration

Here at Root & Branch, we are all about snail mail. Writing letters is one of the best ways to sustain a long-distance friendship, get to know someone better, or send encouragements with a quick handwritten sentiment. In this blog post I've put together tips, inspiration to help you up your letter-writing game. I've also compiled an extensive list of 100 Letter Writing Prompts, which you can download fo' FREE at the end of this blog post!

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10+ Tips on How to Scrapbook Like a Pro

I am the kind of person who has kept a scrapbook since I was in elementary school. My mom has all the tools: wavy scissors, a myriad of colored papers, and double sided tape. When I think of scrapbooking, I think of a bunch of women gathered together in a big room with fold-out tables filled with papers, stickers, and mountains of family pictures ready to be sorted and organized into pages. It is a lot of fun and honestly, I think scrapbooking as a child is one of the things that led me to pursue a career as a graphic designer.

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