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Introducing Coral Charm: Our Newest Collection!

Hey everyone! Today I’m so excited to introduce something that’s been in the works for a while here at Root & Branch: our brand-new Coral Charm Collection, featuring limited edition art prints, a boxed card set, and wallpaper!

I’m thrilled to share that with this collection, we’re adding three new categories of products to our line. Today on the blog I’m sharing a bit of the background behind this collection and the design decisions that made it a reality.

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The Twelve Cards of Christmas (and Other Winter Holidays)

It’s holiday card season!! Now I know that Christmas, Hanukkah, and all other holiday cards are something that I know can bring up a plethora of feelings… from joy to stress to guilt. There are some people among us who never fail to send out adorable cards every year, even complete with family photos. These people are amazing and I am not one of them.

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Find the Perfect Graduation Card

Graduation approaches! It's the time of year when you suddenly have a bunch of people to congratulate, and a bunch of cards to give out. Never fear, we made it easy on you this year! (Did not intend for that to rhyme, but I'll leave it.) We've gathered up 15 of our favorite Congrats cards from indie card-makers for the 2018 graduation season. Choose them specifically for certain grads, or buy a stack of each to have on hand. 

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