Protea Picnic: The Story Behind the Patterns

Our Pink Ice Protea print, available on Spoonflower

Our Pink Ice Protea print, available on Spoonflower

I’m excited to share with you a little mini collection, featuring:

fabrics we’ve released on Spoonflower: Protea Picnic!

Our Pink Ice Protea Happy Mother’s Day card

Our Pink Ice Protea Happy Mother’s Day card

This collection is centered around our Pink Ice Protea print. I originally created this floral motif for a greeting card, which became our best-selling Happy Mother’s Day card, which released in early spring 2018.

The color palette of this card was a pretty big departure from my go-to colors at the time. Most of our card line consisted of greens and blues on a navy background. But I liked the colorful and playfulness of this card, and I thought the bright, joyful florals were a perfect fit for mother’s day. Mothers are life-givers after all, it seemed right to celebrate them with a card bursting with life and color!

Shortly after releasing this card design, I created a repeat pattern based on the protea and paperplant leaf illustrations. The notebooks we sold in this pattern quickly became our most popular style!

The Pink Ice Protea notebook, our best-selling notebook style

The Pink Ice Protea notebook, our best-selling notebook style

It seemed that the departure from my comfort zone of colors was paying off, and consistently each of the products we’ve released featuring the Pink Ice Protea pattern has been a big success!

Pink Ice Protea Zip Pouch by Root & Branch Paper Co.

Next month we’ll be releasing these handmade zip pouches which will also feature our Pink Ice Protea pattern. It’s been so exciting to see this pattern applied to so many different surfaces.

The success of the Pink Ice Protea products has given me confidence to keep designing in a more “daring” color palette, which is something I’m continually pushing myself to do.

All these patterns are available for purchase on Spoonflower and can be used to create your own projects!

Because of the success of this pattern, I decided to create a family of complimentary patterns that can be used in sewing, quilting and DIY projects.

I’ve recently gotten into quilting and I’m realizing the importance as a pattern designer of creating in collections. Not only does it provide sewists and quilters with all they need to create glorious projects with all the matching elements, it also allows me as the designer to tell a story with my patterns.

I’m proud of these designs and looking forward to creating something with them! What do you think, a baby quilt? Off to Pinterest for some inspiration.

If you do purchase these fabrics (or gift wraps or wallpapers!) from Spoonflower, please upload a photo to Instagram and tag us! I’d love to see your creations :) You can find us on instagram @rootandbranchpaper

Happy creating!




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