Root & Branch Fabrics are finally here!


Today on the blog I'm super excited to feature something that's been in the works for a looong time:

Root & Branch's first fabric collection

Spoonflower logo

This collection is entitled BLOOM, and includes 22 patterns that you'll recognize from our greeting cards, notebooks and gift wraps. 

From our classic popular coral charm peony design, to our funky monja blanca orchid, we've included all the prints that shaped our first stationery collection, plus a few more! You'll notice this collection contains a few surprise patterns that haven't been seen anywhere else. 

Browse the entire collection in our Spoonflower shop!

Where to Buy:

This fabric collection is available exclusively on Spoonflower: the world's largest marketplace for eco-friendly, printed-on-demand fabrics, wallpapers and gift wraps.

Why Spoonflower?

Here at Root & Branch we are all about making products that celebrate the beauty of nature (if you haven't noticed already, we have a serious thing for flowers, leaves, and plants in general). Because we draw so much inspiration from nature, one of our biggest priorities in creating products is that they are environmentally friendly.

100% of our products are manufactured in the USA, and this focus is important to us for a couple reasons: supporting US businesses boosts the local economy and ensures that our business supports others who carry our same values. A second reason is that shipping products internationally is much more taxing on the environment than working with local printers and manufacturers. 

Spoonflower is a print-on-demand service, meaning that they only produce our fabrics, wallpapers or gift wraps when they are ordered! This eliminates waste and makes for a super efficient business model for us. Additionally, Spoonflower uses non-toxic, biodegradable inks in their printing process. They are headquartered in Durham, NC but also have locations in Berlin that fulfill orders from Europe and other parts of the world. I love the fact that our products can be produced and shipped to our European-based customers for with tiny shipping costs and a much lower environmental impact than if they were shipped entirely from the US.

Spoonflower's entire business model is inspiring to us and represents many things that Root & Branch Paper Co. strives toward as a small business: sustainability, pouring into the local economy, and offering high quality items that can be used in creative ways. Read more about Spoonflower's sustainability practices here.

Our  Lotus Leaf  print

Our Lotus Leaf print

Who are these fabrics for?

We created this collection inspired by the natural world. This collection of fabrics is for anyone who loves the beauty of springtime and has a knack for sewing, quilting, or any other fabric craft.

We can't wait to see how you all will use these designs in beautiful ways!

Root & Branch Fabrics on the horizon

As always, we've got more creative ideas up our sleeves and we're already looking ahead to the next fabric collection.

The majority of the fabrics in this collection are bright, bold, and super colorful. Since they are so bold, we see many of them taking center stage in a series. We're already planning ahead for future collections that will include simpler designs to complement this collection: prints that can be used as secondary designs for things like trims, lining, and so on.

We've already started putting together mini collections that include these types of secondary prints, as seen below. This mini collection is centered around our Chinese Magnolia print, found here.

Photo by Dorien Scheltens

Give us your feedback!

Are you a crafter, seamstress or quilter? Are you always on the lookout for new fabrics designs? Or are you just dipping your toe into a new sewing hobby, and curious to try our prints?

What do you think of this first collection?

We'd love to hear feedback. Which patterns are you drawn to, and why? In the future, we'd love to showcase some ideas of projects that have been or can be made featuring our fabrics. Do you have an idea up YOUR sleeve? Let us know in the comments, or reach out via social media!

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