Now Available: Our Everyday Floral Zip Pouches!

Floral Zip Pouches are available now!

Floral Zip Pouches are available now!

After months of sourcing materials, researching fabric printers, drafting patterns and sewing, they’re finally here:

Our Everyday Floral Zip Pouches!

Our Zip Pouches come in 5 designs featuring our most popular floral patterns.

Our Zip Pouches come in 5 designs featuring our most popular floral patterns.

If you’ve been following us on Instagram or kept up with our blog recently, you’ll probably notice a shift to focus on textiles. From our Spoonflower fabric collections to more mockups of products with our floral patterns, I’ve become increasingly excited about the world of textile and all the opportunities it carries.

Out of this excitement I decided to dive straight in and create the very first fully handmade product in our collection: a zipper bag! The entire process of creating these 5 zip pouches has been like a crazy roller coaster for me. I’ve learned so much and I want to invite you in for a little behind-the-scenes ride to learn more about these bags!

From the minute I decided to add a textile product to our line, I knew I wanted it to fit naturally with the stars of what makes Root & Branch Paper Co. the brand it is: our greeting cards and notebooks. These two categories are the pillars of this brand, what we are known for, and they focus on the most important things to me: personal items that carry intimate memories and are created to celebrate beauty and relationships.

I drafted the pattern of these pouches based on two criteria: it must be 1) big enough to hold my phone and 2) easy enough to carry around or throw in my crossbody purse.

Pretty simple, right?

In my mind, I imagined these bags somewhere between a pencil pouch and a clutch purse: casual enough to be used to hold whatever tools and doodads you have floating around in your bag, but fun enough to use as a purse on their own!

Our  Pink Ice Protea  and  Wild Sweet Pea  Zip Pouches

Our Pink Ice Protea and Wild Sweet Pea Zip Pouches

I recently took a weekend trip to Hong Kong and took one of my pouches along. I can confirm that my bag successfully held all the essentials:

  • my iPhone 7

  • my passport

  • my house key and keychain

  • my student ID and debit card

  • my Kindle

  • a couple of pens

  • my earrings and bracelets when I got tired of wearing them

  • a stack of bills and a handful of coins

  • ticket stubs and receipts

NOT BAD for a little clutch wallet! I will say I was pushing the limits with all this stuff (especially the Kindle, that was a bit of a squeeze) but it worked!

Another thing that makes these bags special is that this is the very first product we are introducing that is made outside of the US. I (Jessie) am currently living in China while my husband Ben is getting his degree here. Up until now, I have had all my products manufactured in the US, where they are stored and shipped out from Tennessee. My mom Ellen is our awesome inventory manager!

In this case, I decided to depart from tradition and make these bags by hand here in China. I worked with a local textile printing company in my city to get my designs printed on a thick cotton canvas, and I sourced the zippers, accent leather, and lining fabric locally as well. I spent the past couple years studying Mandarin Chinese, and I got a LOT of language practice working with local businesses to find just the right materials. It was a huge undertaking in another language and I’m so proud that I made it happen!

I decided to work with small companies and independent entrepreneurs here in Suzhou, China, so each element of these bags is sourced locally to me. I cut fabric, trimmed zippers, and sewed the bags together in the guest room of my apartment. It was a big undertaking and for the past few months, my house has been stuffed full of sewing materials!

After they’re completed, I’ll be sending these bags to Tennessee where they will be packaged and shipped out with the rest of our products.

To celebrate the launch of our zip pouches, I’m offering a special pre-order deal:

20% off all pre-ordered zip pouches!

The bags will officially be available from June 21, 2019, at our standard price of $28. From June 13-20, you can pre-order and save: pre-orders will be discounted to $24!

Because each of these bags are made by hand, they are available in limited quantities, so if one catches your eye, I’d suggest grabbing it before they sell out! Depending on the popularity of these bags, I may be adding more to the shop later on. TBD!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this behind-the-scenes info from the process of making our zip pouches. I’m proud of the work it’s taken to release these bags and I hope they make their way into the hands of some very happy customers!

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