Our Wedding Backdrop: 100 Hours of Paper Cutting

One of the most time-consuming (and memorable) elements of preparation for our wedding was the process of creating our backdrop. It was a huge process involving ten extremely dedicated helpers who put in a collective 100 hours of work! 

I came up with the concept of a hanging paper cutting after seeing a similar style of work in China, inspired by traditional Chinese paper cuttings. The intricate details of the designs combined with the fragile nature of the rice paper made for an exquisite end product! Since Ben and I met in Asia, I wanted to include a subtle tribute to Chinese art in the creation of a hanging installation to serve as a key visual component of our wedding. 

The design for the hanging was directly translated from the pattern I created for our invitation suite: a intertwining pattern of three super-simplified floral elements, each a reflection of Ben’s and my backgrounds. I incorporated basic shapes from honeysuckles and violets to represent my childhood in Tennessee, lupines in honor of Ben’s Norwegian heritage and ferns to represent his New Zealand heritage. 

Like any creative project, this one developed and changed quite a bit throughout the process, but the end result was impressively close to what I had imagined. I’ve never dared to create anything this big before, and I was hardly prepared for the logistics of installing it! (Special thanks to my dad and father-in-law for helping out with that part). I’m really pleased with the end result, especially because now, these pictures are a reflection of the process and the huge amount of teamwork that went into making this project a reality!