Goodbye to China

Saying goodbye to a city.

I moved here 1.5 years ago. Making a home here was not an easy thing, and honestly, I still don’t feel at home here, but it has been a home to me. I know to take my shoes off at the door and I know what buses to take to get to the grocery store. But even with a basic understanding of the language and culture, I’m still an outsider, and probably always will be. 

But my time in this city taught me something profound of the true nature of home: saturday morning breakfasts with friends, late-night talks, sharing dreams and fears, fighting and apologizing and extending forgiveness, working hard and sharing achievements with others, and having people who see you at your absolute worst and still want to be with you.

I’m thankful to God for this season, with all its triumphs and failures. I’m thankful for this city. 

Jessie TyreeComment