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We've put together this page as a helpful resource for our retailers. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to feel confident selling our products in your shop! For that reason, we're providing a stock image library of photos for you to use on your websites and social media, a list of our top sellers, facts about our business, ideas for product displays.

Root & Branch Paper Co. Stock Images:

Click through any of the images below to access our entire library of stock images on Dropbox.

Our Best-Selling Items:

Five fun facts about Root & Branch:

1. Every item in our shop was designed by hand in a sketchbook, then colored digitally.

2. The sketching and designing of our floral patterns has taken place in 5 countries! I (Jessie) have lived in several countries and I've been designing these florals since 2015. Our florals were created in Thailand, China, Malaysia, and Norway as well as the U.S. You can probably see a bit of the international influence in the flowers that are represented!

3. Ellen, Root & Branch's inventory manager, is also my mom! Root & Branch is a family operation. Ellen handles everything to do with order fulfillment while I handle the creative direction and online presence. 

4. Other than our flat-rate USPS boxes and envelopes, almost 100% of the packing materials that Ellen uses to ship our products are re-used and re-purposed! She saves EVERYTHING. Reduce, reuse, recycle is our go-to mindset at home and work.

5. All of our designs are not only inspired by the beauty of nature, but also specifically by the Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts Movements.

Product display:

Below are some engaging ways to display our products in your lovely shops! Click through each link to find the product (or DIY project) listed.